Smarter Solutions for Better Sleep


Smarter Solutions for Better Sleep

Tackle your sleep issues head-on with NightIQ

Vegan and
Keto friendly

Gluten-free, dairy-free
and soy-free


No fillers, binders, artificial flavours or added sugar

‘A powerful sleep partner with clinically proven ingredients for better sleep.’

Transform your sleep experience with NightIQ

Fall asleep faster

Stay asleep longer

Feel more rested after sleep

No daytime grogginess

NightIQ. Grounded in ingredients and science you can trust.

Formulated with leading sleep, pharmaceutical and biochemical experts

Complete ingredient traceability and transparency

Highest quality, all-natural, ingredients

Advanced production and quality control


200 mg

Valerian RootValeriana officinalis

300 mg

B6Vitamin B6

10 mg

AshwaghandhaWithania somnifera

125 mg

GABAGamma aminobutyric acid

100 mg


20 mg


100 mg


60 mg

Passion FlowerPassiflora

25 mg

Bedtime never tasted so good

NightIQ Essential capsules are naturally flavoured for a light fruity taste. They are an easy and delicious way to get set for a night of pure slumber. Interested to try for yourself?

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NightIQ Essential

Over 500 5-star Reviews

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These little capsules work so well. I have had issues with sleep for a couple of months now. Heard about these and thought I would give them a try. If I take them before I go to bed, I sleep through the night, do not feel groggy in the morning.


Posted 22 days ago
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“Thank God for NightIQ. I’d nearly forgotten what a good night’s sleep actually felt like. I’m back to sleeping through the night, the first time in years. A big, meaningful, heartfelt thank you OBU and NightIQ. This is a game changer for me.”


Posted 3 days ago
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These actually taste pretty good. Not expected at all. I take a couple before bed. I know what all of the ingredients are, instead of having to look up a few words.
I am not going to claim these work right away or will solve your problems.


Posted 12 days ago
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Within a month I went from continual broken sleep to sleeping right through, night after night. Night IQ has changed my life honestly.

Marcia L.

Posted 22 days ago
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I got to the point where I had to improve my sleep. For my sake and the sake of everyone around me. Thanks NightIQ for helping me get there.

Cheryl B.

Posted 3 days ago
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You are the only product that has worked for me. Thank you for giving me back my sleep and my sanity :)

Sherry A.

Posted 12 days ago
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I totally love NightIQ. Having had poor sleep for more than 15 years, what you guys have created is probably the most essential support for my life right now. 10 out of 5 stars from me!

Gerald L.

Posted 23 days ago
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I love not having to worry about the night ahead anymore. That’s what I used to do and the stress just made things worse. I’m in a whole different place now and I have NightIQ to thank. So thanks!

Agnelis D.

Posted 18 days ago
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I feel a lot happier and more confident in myself now that I’m sleeping better. I hated when people would tell me I looked tired. NightIQ has helped me physically and mentally and for that I am very grateful.

James B.

Posted 15 days ago
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I can’t promise that NightIQ will work for others, but it works for me and very little else does so thumbs up from me."

Thomas M.

Posted 4 days ago
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5 star product. I now get the sleep I need without the hazy, sleeping pill hangover the next day. That’s the big different with NightIQ I find. Zero grogginess the next day.

Denise E.

Posted 12 days ago
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I've had sleep problems for 10 years and have never been able to get on-top of it the way I have with NightIQ.

Rosanna C.

Posted 11 days ago
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I feel I’m 10 years younger. Before NighIQ I’d resigned myself to bad quality sleep for the rest of my life. Not any more..I’m back baby! Sincere thanks.

Keith L.

Posted 31 days ago
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I can't thank Night IQ enough. I no longer dread going to bed. Sounds silly I know, but my anxiety about sleep was seriously affecting me. I’m back to a level, normal existence with regular sleep and normal energy levels.

Efrain C.

Posted 30 days ago
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Night IQ helped me uncovered my old self that was buried under the fog of tiredness. I’ve transformed from a tired, grumpy and pretty unhealthy man to being positive and active again. Thanks NightIQ.

Kerri K.

Posted 29 days ago
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I'm back in the gym and on my bike with energy to spare. For me, sleep equals energy. I was drained because I just wasn’t getting quality, unbroken sleep. Night IQ levels out my nights so I actually stay asleep for hours not minutes.

Brandi A.

Posted 24 days ago
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YMy search is over. Thanks NightIQ. If you're struggling with sleep I definitely recommend trying this.

Emeterio R.

Posted 12 days ago
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If like me you find it hard to stay asleep through the night, this is the way to go!

Cody H.

Posted 16 days ago
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Thank you for everything NightIQ. I have definitely noticed a difference in my sleep quality since starting (3 weeks now). I tried other products along the way but NightIQ has delivered the most obvious results for me.

Beulah W.

Posted 46 days ago
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Within just one week my life had a new outlook. I knew sleep was important, but I had forgotten what a few days for quality sleep back-to-back felt like. For me sleep is THE most important element to my health and happiness. Big thanks NightIQ.

Johan S.

Posted 13 days ago
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I've seen the most radical improvement in my health over the last 6 months. My new found sleep has changed my routines, my activities, my life honestly. I’ve still got my challenges but now at least sleep isn't one of them! 5 star product. Highly recommended for those with chronic sleep probs.

Cynthia C.

Posted 38 days ago

At NightIQ we combine scientific, medical and biochemical expertise to develop our leading sleep solutions. Unlike some other health businesses, NightIQ is 100% focused on resolving sleep issues for the millions of people worldwide who desperately need them.